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General Safety and Security Policies


Campus Security Authorities

The College has designated certain officials to serve as campus security authorities. Reports of criminal activity can be made to these officials. They in turn will ensure that the crimes are reported for collection as part of the College’s annual report of crime statistics. The campus security authorities to whom the College would prefer that crimes be reported are listed below.

Cincinnati Campus Contacts

  • Jeff Odum, Director of Campus Operations at; 513-475-3605 (office)
  • Marshall Moore, Regional Director of Campus Operations at; 502-410-6230 (office)
  • Safety and Security Desk: 513-475-3610

Louisville Campus Contacts

Hazard Off-campus Instructional Site Contacts

San Antonio Campus Contacts

Tampa Bay Campus Contacts

Miami Campus Contacts

Information can additionally be sent to The Office of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at


Reporting a Crime or Emergency

The College encourages accurate and prompt reporting of all criminal actions, emergencies, or other incidents occurring on campus, on other property owned by the College, or on nearby public property to the appropriate administrator and appropriate police agencies. Such a report is encouraged even when the victim of a crime elects not to make a report or is unable to do so.

  • If a crime is in progress or there is some other situation posing imminent danger, local law enforcement can be reached by dialing 911.
  • All criminal actions detected during school operating hours are to be reported to the front desk who in turn will notify the school administrator on site. Galen supports the enforcement of all local, state, and national laws and will cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies in this activity.
  • Students, staff, and visitors may also report situations to one of the campus security authorities identified above. Once reported, the individual may also be encouraged to report the situation to the appropriate police agency. If requested, a College staff member will assist in making the report to police.
  • Victims or witnesses are encouraged to report crimes to Campus administration, and may contact the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at to report crimes and instances where the individual wants to remain anonymous or report confidentially, within the parameters of the law.