Vision, Mission, and Goals


We change the life of one to care for the lives of many.


Galen College of Nursing, driven by a culture dedicated to expanding access to nursing education, prepares diverse learners to demonstrate excellence and compassion in nursing through an educational approach immersed in innovation, technology, and student support.

Our Goals

Student Success
Galen College of Nursing fosters a culture of academic quality and individualized student support, recognizing the student as our highest priority.
Institutional Excellence
Galen College of Nursing engages in systematic, focused, and ongoing assessment to continuously improve people, programs and services.
Galen College of Nursing builds trust through collaboration and action in support of a healthy and dynamic organization, healthcare landscape, and the community at large.
Galen College of Nursing responsibly manages fiscal, human, and physical resources to assure stability and growth.



I foster an environment that provides opportunity for every individual to reach their full potential.


I act with integrity and compassion in all I do.


I own my role and accept responsibility for my actions.


I value every person as an individual with unique contributions worthy of consideration.


I commit myself to the highest level of quality in everything I do.

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