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ATI TEAS Confirmation


Below are resources to help you learn and prepare for the ATI TEAS exam. 


The ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS®) measures basic essential skills in reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. These are the areas health educators have deemed most appropriate and relevant for measuring the academic readiness of those applying to health science programs.

ATI TEAS exams are computerized, and administered in group sessions that are supervised by a proctor.

The ATI TEAS exam has a total of 170 questions (150 scored plus 20 unscored “pre-test” items)
covering these topics and areas:
  • Reading (53 questions): Key Ideas and Details; Craft and Structure; Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Math (36 questions): Numbers and Algebra; Measurement and Data
  • Science (53 questions): Human Anatomy and Physiology; Life and Physical Sciences; Scientific Reasoning
  • English and Language Usage (28 questions): Conventions of Standard English; Knowledge of Language; Vocabulary Acquisition

Please note the exam will include a calculator you can use, no personal calculators.

Allow about 4 hours for the entire exam. The Reading, Math, and Science sections will take about one hour, and the English section will
take about a half-hour. Each section will have specific instructions.

Passing composite score requirements vary by program and by campus. Please contact your admissions representative for ATI TEAS pass
scores for each program at your campus.

If you do not pass the ATI TEAS, you may re-take the EXAM after a 30-day waiting period.


To help you prepare for the ATI TEAS, we highly recommend an ATI TEAS Study Manual.

The ATI TEAS Study Manual:
Title: ATI TEAS Study Manual 6th Edition,
ISBN: 1565335759/ 9781565335752
Author: Assessment Technologies Institute Staff
Visit to purchase the study guide.

Barnes & Noble, and local college bookstores also carry the guide, and your local library may have a copy.

Apps for Your Tablet/Smartphone:
Apps are also available to help you study.
Find ATI TEAS test prep guides in Apple’s iTunes or the Google Play store.
Pocket Prep is a highly recommended app for studying for your exam.



The ATI TEAS entrance exam can now be taken from the comfort of your home. When taking the exam online, you will have to create an
account. Please sign on 30 minutes prior to start time to create an account.

The exam will start on time, and late entry is not permitted. Please arrive before your exam start time.


General Remote Proctoring Requirements:

  • Desktop or laptop computers – you may not take on an iPad, tablet, or smart phone
  • Browser: Google Chrome
  • Microphone: Internal or external
  • Webcam: 320×240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external

What to bring to the test:

A current photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card or military ID card) – will be scanned via webcam

Scrap paper and a pen or pencil for calculations

Test Taking Tips

Below are a few tips, tricks, and what to expect as you prepare for the exam.

Exam Overview
Allow 3 ½ hours for the entire exam, which is broken down into four sections.

  • Reading – 64 minutes, 53 questions
  • Math – 54 minutes, 36 questions
  • Science – 63 minutes, 53 questions
  • English and Language Usage -28 minutes, 28 questions

Prepare For Success
Determine where you will take the exam in your home. Prepare your test area with adequate lighting, comfortable seating, and minimize possible distractions. Attached you will find a resource guide on how to prepare for the ATI TEAS exam.

The Night Before the Test
Plan to give yourself a quick review, then get a good night’s sleep.

The Morning of the Test
Don’t skip breakfast the morning of the test. Do a 10-minute stretch so your brain is turned on and tuned up.

Manage Your Time and Anxiety
Relax, breathe, and keep an eye on the timer. Running out of time? Don’t panic! Make your best educated guess and continue until you have answered all questions.

Need A Break?
You will have a 10-minute timer on the screen for breaks during the length of the exam.

Need help?
If you experience any issues with the system, you can begin a live chat with Proctorio support using the Quiz Tools feature.