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Dedicated Education Unit

A dedicated education unit (DEU) is a clinical experience in which unit nurses have been specially trained as DEU leads. These DEU lead nurses are there to enhance your clinical experience through continuity and autonomy. These DEU nurses have also received the additional training needed to assist the clinical instructors with teaching Galen students in the clinical setting. The DEU is your elevated clinical experience.

This program is currently not accepting new applications.


The DEU will help prepare the students with the skills and knowledge needed to be better prepared to take on the role of Graduate Nurse. The DEU Leads are dedicated to your learning and will ensure you get as much hands-on learning as possible with the advantage of one-on-one attention.


  • Applicant must be enrolled at the Tampa Bay campus and in good academic standing
  • Applicant is required to submit a letter of recommendation from one of your current instructors 
  • Applicant must live within 25 miles of selected DEU hospital
  • Students who apply must be entering NUR 170 or higher for the ADN program or NSG 4100C or higher for the BSN program
  • Applications must be submitted by August 30th, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

You can do any skill you have been checked off on as long as the hospital permits it. Invasive procedures and medications will require the DEU Lead or your clinical instructor to supervise. You can pass meds, help bathe patients, empty foleys, insert IVs (after passing that CPE), etc.

By becoming a member of the DEU, you will be guaranteed a clinical placement at your DEU hospital. Additionally, you will be placed with a DEU trained lead every week during your clinical experience where you will have the opportunity to enhance your time management, critical thinking, and prioritization skills.

You will also have priority in attending an observation rotation of your choice (pending availability) and will gain a competitive advantage for future employment opportunities.

The DEU experience is your clinical rotation – it follows the typical clinical rotation schedule.

The DEU clinical experience has the same written assignment expectations as the traditional clinical rotation course.

              NUR 170: Medical Center of Trinity OR Brandon Regional Hospital

              NUR 230: Medical Center of Trinity OR Brandon Regional Hospital

              NUR 256/257: Medical Center of Trinity

              NUR 265: Medical Center of Trinity OR Brandon Regional Hospital

              NUR 283: Blake Medical Center OR Doctors Hospital OR Brandon Regional Hospital

              NUR 280: Largo Medical Center OR Fawcett Memorial Hospital

              NSG 4100: Memorial Hospital of Tampa

              NSG 4800: South Bay Hospital OR Doctors Hospital