Notice of ACEN Accreditation Visit - Call for Comments – ADN Program [Tampa Bay Campus]. LEARN MORE
Notice of ACEN Accreditation Visit - Call for Comments – ADN Program [Cincinnati Campus]. LEARN MORE

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you are the future of nursing 

HCA Healthcare and Galen can help you take the next step with confidence.

Have you ever been told you’d make a great nurse?

In support of career growth and opening doors of opportunity, as an HCA Healthcare employee eligible for the employee tuition reimbursement benefits, the HCA Healthcare-Galen Grant will lower costs for nursing education.

Have nurses you work with inspired you to explore this rewarding field? If one of our ground campuses is accessible to you for on-campus education in Tampa Bay, FL; San Antonio, TX; Louisville, KY; Cincinnati, OH; or Hazard, KY, we offer flexible pathways to get you started on this personally and professionally rewarding path.

Quarter based programs start four times per year in January, April, July and September (San Antonio offers the 3-Year Bachelor of Science program in three starts per year — January, July and September).

Pure Nursing

With a focus solely on quality nursing education, Galen is an amazing place to begin or expand your nursing career. We offer small classes and individualized attention, providing the same care throughout your nursing education as you will give in practice. With significant hands-on learning early in the curriculum and prerequisites included in the nursing curriculum, you could be closer to a career in nursing than you think.

Certain colleagues are not eligible to participate in these programs. This includes colleagues covered by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), unless their CBA permits participation. These colleagues should go to to view the program that applies.


October 2, 2023

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