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Allida Williams: Galen Changes Graduates’ Lives for the Better

Allida Williams

As Allida Williams talks about her 29-year career at Galen College of Nursing, a warm smile lights up her face. In 1990, the alumni records manager began as a receptionist at the Louisville campus when it was above a radio station in downtown Louisville. She laughs as she recalls how much the nursing school has grown in 30 years.

“We used to be a whole lot smaller, of course. We started with just the PN program, and we knew every student. We even knew their personal stories,”  she said. “I appreciate the growth and being able to service more students, but sometimes I miss being able to know all of our students personally.”

During those early years, Williams was especially proud of the students during graduations.  She also described some of the hurdles that students cleared to make it to the finish line.

“Transportation can be tough for some of our students. One student I knew had to take a bus to every clinical, which were held in a separate location, and every class, even when they were doing 3 to 11 p.m. clinicals,” she recalled. “There was so much pride and excitement just to see them graduate and be able to change their lives and their families’ lives.”

Williams is delighted that she can keep in touch with many of Galen’s graduates across the country. She enjoys traveling to open houses and alumni events to network with recent graduates and learning where they have started their new careers. She also is helping to establish stronger alumni associations on Galen’s campuses.

“I love hearing the things that they are doing now in their careers and where they’ve been able to go once they graduate from Galen,” Williams said. “There’s such a vast array of things they’re able to do with a Galen education.”

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