Articles / 07-17-2017
An Author Among Us

Vanessa K. Williams-Harvey, MSN, RN, Galen College of Nursing faculty member with the Louisville campus, has just recently published (June 16, 2017) her first book, titled, “I Remember.” From the Amazon website ( the following synopsis is shared:

“I REMEMBER tells the story of one family’s journey as their matriarch struggles through the effects of dementia caused by Alzheimer’s. The candid, captivating book explores how the crisis pushes a once-solid family to the verge of destruction and jeopardizes everything their mother had spent a lifetime building. Every family faced with a crisis is challenged and tested in ways that exposes vulnerabilities. Just when all hope seems to fade, family members learn to accept one another, respect one another, and forgive one another. Readers will discover how family discord and failure to communicate can eat at the core of any support system—and how loved ones in crisis can rally together to move from victims to victory. The ultimate lesson: The fate of the traditional family begins with each of us.”

The recently published book has garnered 100% ‘5 star’ positive comments from customer reviews. Some reviewers have stated:

    • “What a tremendous book! A very well written story of a family’s struggle when their beautiful mother gets Alzheimer’s. It showcases the terrific love this family has for each other and offers hope to other families that they too can pull together and pull through as a family unit.”- KMGM


    • “This is a good book to read about a thief called Alzheimer’s it will give you a lot of insight on how to get through it with your family and yourself.” – S.H.


  • “Excellent!” – LCM

We can only assume that Vanessa will be honored to sign a book for anyone. Vanessa has also offered to speak to students about Alzheimer’s, saying, “I would be thrilled to speak with the students about this journey which could cover our family’s crisis and how we’ve coped, my personal struggle as a healthcare professional with inside knowledge versus my siblings, raising awareness about Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders or the specialized care this population requires, etc.”

Galen College will be donating an author-autographed I Remember book for each one of the college’s on-ground campus libraries.