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Civil Unrest

The events of the past week have been painful to watch as we see suffering and civil unrest in our communities across the country.  We see the struggle and pain of racism and racial divide that continues to plague our nation and the immense grief caused by senseless death and violence, giving rise to voices louder than ever, saying, “Enough!”

The core values of Galen College of Nursing embrace respect and inclusivity.  Indeed, the acceptance and fair treatment of every human being is at the heart of these values, and the nursing profession.  We educate students to enter nursing to care for humanity without bias.  We have a responsibility to nurture this culture, not only within our walls, but in our lives.

Respect, compassion and accountability have always been fundamental in our values at Galen College of Nursing and we join voices with those seeking change and peace.  As we see events unfold contrary to our core values, we know that many are hurting, anxious and concerned for each other, our friends, families, and our country.  We share this pain.

We are passionate about our commitment to sustain a community of educators and students built on inclusivity and respect.  We continue to nurture acceptance and empathy, and the responsibility for all to do the same, understanding our part in fostering a more just society for all.


Mark Vogt, CEO, Galen College of Nursing

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