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Galen College of Nursing Selected to Host an Immersive Preconference Experience
Immersive Preconference Experience

SAN ANTONIO — Earlier this year, Galen College of Nursing was selected to host an Immersive Preconference Experience, which was part of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). The event is the largest simulation conference in the world with more than 3,000 attendees including representatives from over 30 countries.

The simulation team of Dr. Renae Schondel, Ed del Monaco, Ana Ramirez, Mark Zuniga and Jacoby McPherson assisted by ADN Program Director Dr. Terry Douglas presented at the Immersive Preconference. The preconference focused on NextGen NCLEX Prioritization and Outcome at the San Antonio campus.

Six student volunteers from the ADN and BSN programs participated in an acute renal failure simulation using a tool developed by Dr. Anne Sahingoz and Dr. Schondel that will help them to develop prioritization and evaluation of outcomes. Students said they enjoyed using the tool because it allowed them to slow down and think through the priorities for patient care, lessen their anxiety and gain confidence in their ability to care for the patient.

Simulation Technician Mark Zuniga also presented a series of 10-minute workshops on moulage at the conference. Zuniga presented several items he designed for the Clinical Learning Lab such as injection pads, a set of ribs to place under the manikin skin for students to locate the appropriate landmarks for auscultation of heart and lung sounds, and breast models for palpation of breast lumps. He also highlighted several pictures of manikin moulage for simulation scenarios such as burns and wounds.  The conference’s participants were thrilled with the demonstrations many asked if he was willing to share his methods.

Overall, the preconference’s attendees were impressed with Galen’s Immersive Preconference Experience. They enjoyed a tour of the labs and commended the College on the simulation experiences provided to students on San Antonio’s campus.

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