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Galen College Offers Online RN to BSN: Created by RNs, for RNs

If you’re a Registered Nurse with your associate degree in nursing, you’ve probably seen the value of a BSN degree, whether for professional growth, or to meet the evolving needs of the nursing field. As a college dedicated solely to nursing education, Galen College of Nursing understands the unique needs of nurses, and we have tailored a one-of-a-kind CCNE accredited Online RN to BSN to meet them.

So, what makes the Galen Online RN to BSN different, and we believe, better? It starts with Galen’s superior support system. From day one enrollment counselors, student support liaisons, and faculty are with you every step of the way. Our people truly make the difference. You may be working online, but you’re never alone.

Next is Galen’s online coursework, custom built by Galen’s academic leaders with industry experts from around the country. We understand how to create coursework that keeps our students engaged and wanting to learn. You’ll find industry expert interviews, faculty videos and presentations, and animated interactive scenarios that bring the material to life. You can read the material, watch it, listen to it, and interact with it.

By incorporating a variety of instructional techniques and multimedia tools, our content enhances learning and ensures you truly absorb the material. What’s more, all RN to BSN courses at Galen are Quality Matters certified, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring the quality of our online program.

Galen also understands the busy life of an RN.  That’s why we designed our Online RN to BSN to be flexible and convenient, allowing you to work and care for your family while pursuing your degree.

Eight-week courses allow you to complete the program in as few as 12 months, or take more time if you need it.  And with our mobile-friendly content, if you’ve got 15 minutes, you can make progress. You can listen to a presentation while in the car, watch an expert video while exercising, or complete an interactive case scenario while on a work break. That’s flexible.

And when it comes to tuition, ours is competitive and more affordable than many. Plus, with flexible credit transfer policies, your tuition could be even less.

We are solely dedicated to one subject: nursing. So consider all the factors essential to your success in nursing, then choose the Galen Online RN to BSN.

An exceptional education, delivered with the flexibility you want, and the support you need. It’s unique, it’s rewarding, it’s Pure Nursing. Take your next steps in nursing now at

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