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Galen College of Nursing Online RN to BSN courses Quality Matters certified

The nursing field is changing faster than today’s trending topics, and we’re here to help keep you in the conversation. Industry trends (as called for by the Institute of Medicine) show that, in less than five years, 80% of nurses are expected to hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Five years might not sound like a long time, but a lot can happen in a few years. (For example, Shirley Temple had already earned an honorary Oscar by the age of five!) With such a short time to prepare for the future of nursing – or for your award-winning speech – we’ve worked hard to make our online courses compelling, interactive and faculty driven, so you can learn while you work.

We know RNs love what they do and put everything into their nursing careers. That’s why we put everything into creating the best Online RN to BSN program possible. It was custom-built with a team of instructional design experts who work directly with regional and national industry experts, all to bring the material to life in a way that makes your experience truly worthwhile. As students make their way through courses like Disney Leadership Strategy for Nurses and Community Health Nursing, they’ll be enveloped in knowledge and skills they can immediately begin to apply.

Much like an IV pump that won’t stop beeping, we can’t keep quiet about the news any longer. We are proud to announce that Galen’s Online RN to BSN program has been recognized by Quality Matters, a faculty-centered, nationally recognized peer-review process that certifies the quality of online courses.

What does that mean, exactly? The first of our Online RN to BSN courses were put to the test with a rigorous review process which ensures online educational quality, and the diagnosis is perfect health. As a nursing student, you’re constantly trying to learn more and being asked to prove your expertise, so it’s only fair we hold ourselves to the same standards.

Want to learn more about our custom-built classes? Check out all the details, from a program overview to admissions requirements, or drop us a line to talk to an admissions representative.

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