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Galen Stories – Gregory Frodge: Take A Chance On Yourself

— Audio Transcript —

My name is Gregory Frodge. I am married with five children. I am a Clinical Instructor here at Galen College and I went through the ADN Program and the BSN Program here at Galen.

Why get a BSN?
There’s a lot of nurses out there that I know that are completely capable that want to move on to do better things or more things but they don’t have the educational foundation to step up to that position. Particularly for me, the reason that I decided to continue my education at Galen in their online RN and BSN Program, I really, I guess, caught the itch of academics and I knew that I wanted to teach, and I knew that I could not do that with just an Associate’s Degree.

Describe the Galen Online RN to BSN.
The BSN Program itself is actually, it’s very structured but also very flexible at the same time. While there are prerequisites to the classes that you must take to progress onto the next level, there’s a variety of different classes that you can take at any time during the program.

What did you like about the program?
Their system that they use online is very easy to access. There’s a lot of different mediums that you can choose from, a lot of accessibility. You can go through your cell phone, you can go on your home PC, there’s PowerPoint, video, teacher conference, anyway that you can communicate essentially in today’s world.

How were the teachers?
They’re always there if you need somebody. I had one teacher in my BSN Program where I was having a problem with one of the courses and she calls me on my cell phone, and she lives in Florida, I believe.

So how did you do?
I think, at the point when I hit my Bachelor’s, that I started to believe in myself a lot more. At the end, like I said, I graduated summa cum laude valedictorian.

Any words of wisdom?
For me personally, I’ve learned, don’t be afraid to believe in yourself, even just a little bit. Sometimes all it takes is just a spark. Certainly, if you have a spark to go into this profession, you’ll find a lot of people here that will fan that flame and make it bigger. Take a chance on yourself. You might be surprised of all the things that you can accomplish.

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