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Galen Stories – Kate Miller: Everyone Is Here to Help You Become a Nurse

— Audio Transcript — 

Hi, my name is Kate Miller. I’m married, I have three kids, two boys and a girl. I started Galen in their ADN bridge program, and then moved on to the online RN to BSN program and completed that.

Why Galen College of Nursing?

This is all I do, is nursing. This is the only program they have, is nursing, so this is what everybody focuses on. Everyone is here to help you to become a nurse, to obtain your Bachelor’s degree.

Describe the Galen Online RN to BSN program.

The BSN program at Galen is 100% online, which I liked. So I could work around my schedule, my work schedule and my family schedule. At the start of every class, we always got the instructor’s cell phone number, their personal email, if they had a Skype account, their Skype account; so we could Skype with them. I would say I don’t think I ever messaged a teacher and did not get a response more than like, a few hours later. Even though it’s 100% online, you still have that personal relationship with your instructors. You can always reach out to them if you have, what you feel, is the stupidest question ever. They never treat you like that. They’re always there and that makes a big difference, going through the program.

How good was your Galen education?

The education I received from Galen, the fact that I passed my course the first time, definitely gave me the confidence to go out in the work force. I knew that I was taking good care of my patients, I knew that I had the education and the skills to provide good nursing care, and that’s what I learned at Galen.

Any final thoughts?

I feel like in society today, when you’re older, a non-traditional student, you have a family, you’re married and you’re in this job of whatever it is; teacher, factory worker, gas station attendant. That you’re told that’s where you’re going to be for the rest of your life, and it is not true. You can go back to school. You can help people. You can be a nurse. You can take care of your family. Galen helped me to get on this path to complete my RN, to continue on, to complete my Bachelor’s degree and that’s amazing to me.

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