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Home for the Holidays

Nayeli Acosta

Due to the generosity of a group of caring Galen students at our Cincinnati Campus, their fellow student, Nayeli Fernanda Acosta, will be spending Christmas with her mother back home in Mexico. Hearing that Nayeli wouldn’t be able to afford airfare home to be with her family, and would even be alone for the holidays, a group of Galen students decided they wouldn’t let that happen. With dedication and compassion, they collected $2,300 in 72 hours from students across the campus, to cover her travel expenses.

Then, what looked like an ordinary day of class, turned into tears of joy and celebration. As a study group walked to the front of the classroom for a presentation, Nayeli was confused as she felt unprepared for this surprise presentation. “What presentation?” she whispered to a classmate. Little did she know this was no ordinary presentation.

Nayeli’s classmates announced that they wanted her to spend the holiday season with the ones she loved most and presented her a check for $2,300. As many witnessed this heartfelt moment, even more donations poured in, (someone even offered frequent flyer miles!) showering Nayeli with continued love and support.

Nayeli contacted her mother through Facetime right there, surrounded by her Galen family, to share the big news!  As the tears flowed, Nayeli’s mother could hardly contain her gratitude for this incredible act of kindness and for making her holiday a joyous one, knowing her daughter would be coming home.

Galen is fortunate to have some of the most generous and caring students, faculty, staff, and friends, who cherish giving and compassion throughout life’s journey.  We are thankful every day that they found their way into our lives at Galen.

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