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Honoring David Jones Sr., Co-founder of Humana

David Jones Sr.

Much has been written this past week about the legacy David Jones Sr. has left to our community and to health care in general. However, there is another that will affect thousands of people, both regionally and nationally. Thirty years ago, David Jones Sr. initiated a strategy to provide nurses with consistent skills to deliver quality, compassionate care to patients in Humana hospitals. Humana Health Institutes opened its doors in 1989, in Louisville, San Antonio, and Tampa Bay.

Today, those schools are known as Galen College of Nursing, the largest educator of nurses in Kentucky and the largest nursing educator in the South. The College continues a dedication to the initial commitments since its founding–expanding access to nursing education and a culture of care and continuous improvement. The College also continues to be dedicated solely to nursing education.

Today, the once small school on Fourth and Chestnut Streets in Louisville, and its sister locations, is proud of almost 20,000 graduates, began its first Master’s degree program this month, and offers nursing education to students all over the country.

David Jones Sr. and Wendell Cherry were early to recognize the critical nature of nursing to achieve better outcomes for Humana hospital patients. David’s vision to create a program of nursing education has impacted thousands of lives and influenced thousands of nurses, as well as the people for whom they care. This contribution should be recognized as an important part of his legacy that will continue to change lives and shape the future of nursing.

Kathryn M. Mershon, MSN, RN, FAAN

Board of Directors Chair

Galen College of Nursing


Photo courtesy of the Courier-Journal 

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