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Meet the Online RN to BSN Program Director Nancy Bellucci, Ph.D., MSN-Ed, RN, CNOR

Nancy Bellucci

Dr. Nancy Bellucci is a familiar face in a new role as the Program Director of the Online RN to BSN at Galen College of Nursing. She has been a member of Galen’s faculty since November 2016.  Before becoming the Program Director, Dr. Bellucci served as course lead faculty and chair of the Online RN to BSN Program Evaluation Committee. Dr. Bellucci said she will mentor and help nurses “build upon their skills and identify their gifts.” She detailed how the program will enhance nurses’ careers.

Where did you start your career?

I started on the medical-surgical floor in a hospital in southern New Jersey. From there, I became an operating room nurse and then a manager in clinical education, which lead me here as a member of academia.

What attracted you to Galen?

I was referred by someone who retired as an academic administrator, and she suggested that I apply for an adjunct position. I had been working at a number of other online programs at the time. When a full-time position opened, I interviewed for the position and became a full-time member of the faculty of the Online RN to BSN program.

How will students benefit from the Online RN to BSN program?

It serves as an excellent pathway to becoming a professional nurse, by way of all the different courses we offer in the program. It also serves as a great platform for a student to begin thinking about a master’s level education. All of the courses we offer in the Online RN to BSN program serve as the foundational platform for students to think about themselves, not only as a registered nurse, but also how they can impact society by being involved in policy and procedure changes, identifying challenges, and providing solutions that will benefit patients and the workplace. The program is designed to help the students achieve their goals in an ever-changing healthcare setting.

What are some of the responsibilities for your role?

First and foremost, I am a mentor. I think it is important that nurses help each other build upon their skills, identify their gifts, and be able to explore different career paths by way of quality projects. I actively mentor and engage in the socialization of the faculty to the new role, whether they be adjunct or full-time. I also oversee operations such as staffing and quality improvement to help enhance the curriculum. I attend student advisory council sessions and listen to students who provide feedback about the courses. I participate in program evaluation, curriculum and retention committees, and serve in all other capacities that help the program.

Do you have any advice for students entering the Online RN to BSN program?

Students should take their time with the content. They also should look at the courses as an opportunity to expand themselves and their thinking.  Students should make sure to use the resources available in the courses to be successful, and if they find that they are hitting a barrier, they need to verbalize their concern to the instructor. Their instructors can help improve navigation in the courses and help them understand the content. A lot of these concepts are foreign to the practicing nurse because they are thinking about what they need to do at the bedside or what they need to give to their patients. Practicing nurses need the confidence to help expand their thinking beyond the bedside.

Fun facts:
Favorite candy bar:
  Snickers, even though I have not had one in a long time.
Favorite sport: I like golf. It is probably the most boring sport you can watch on television. My favorite player is Tiger Woods.
Favorite food: Spaghetti and meatballs
Foods you hate: I hate seafood because my grandfather caught tons of fish. He grew up during the Depression-era, so we always ate what was on the table, and there was a lot of fish on a lot of nights.
Favorite hobby: Playing with my dog. He’s a little guy, a Maltese-Yorkie mix, so he’s a Morkie named Jersey.
Favorite movie: A Dog’s Purpose. It’s the life of a dog re-imagined through many different lifetimes to get back to his original owner. You’ll cry the whole time if you’ve never seen it.

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