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5 Podcasts Every Nursing Student Should Listen To

Time, opportunity, and information…three essential things for a nursing student. While there are plenty of ways to obtain information, opportunity and time may be limited. Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way to maneuver around obstacles of time constraints and information overload. And, yes, there are podcasts about and for nurses and nursing students. Topics range from informational to comical to storytelling. We’ve compiled a list of podcasts for your listening pleasure. Subscribe and listen today!

  • Straight A Nursing:
    This podcast focuses on helping students through their clinical, med-surge, mental health, pharmacology, women’s health, pediatrics, and other specialized subjects in their nursing curriculum. Each topic of focus expands through multiple episodes that provide detailed study material and testimonials of real nurses who have experience in the related field. Every podcast includes blogs, quizzes, and study guide courses that can be bought for an additional fee.
  •  Good Nurse Bad Nurse:
    One of the most popular genres of podcasts is, of course, true crime. Check out Good Nurse Bad Nurse for a combination of nursing and crime. This podcast is half light-hearted and interesting stories and half thought-provoking stories that implore nurses to utilize their expertise and critical thinking skills to work through the crimes and tales discussed. Good Nurse Bad Nurse is hosted by a registered nurse and special guests who utilize these true-crime stories to educate and encourage nurses.
  • Nursing School Week by Week:
    Nursing school can be challenging, and it can be easy to feel alone or like you are behind your peers. Nursing School Week by Week is a podcast hosted by Melanie, a current nursing student, and part-time nurse’s assistant, as she takes you with her through her educational journey. She offers tips on students, acing courses, clinicals, and interview tips. This light-hearted and informational podcast gives you resources for exams and provides every listener with a sense of community with nursing students across the nation.
  • See You Now:
    This podcast is produced in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Association. Host Shawna Butler, a nurse economist, and health technology specialist, provides listeners with a closer look at the individuals changing the face of healthcare. This not only highlights these individuals, but expands nursing allies in politics, business, and technology. Conversations oftentimes feature medical professionals who are developing and accessing new devices, protocols, and processes in fields such as maternal health, infection prevention, palliative care, and so much more. Moreover, this podcast includes discussions on the innovative technologies changing nursing and healthcare such as robotics, virtual screening, and vaccines. This podcast is for any nurse or nursing student who wishes to stay up to date with this ever-changing field.
  • The Unofficial NCLEX Prep Podcast:
    This podcast is a great tool for nursing students or fresh graduates. The Unofficial NCLEX Prep Podcast is an audio guide to preparing and planning for the exam. Each episode breaks down one special element of the NCLEX Exam. They break down the material, offer stories and advice on subject matter from working nurses, and offer new techniques and perspectives on your study habits and goals. They allow providing a growing study guide with the podcast that can be found in the link provided in the bio.

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