Articles / 07-18-2016
Why Quality Matters, Matters

In the world of online learning, not all online courses are equal. Galen College of Nursing has made it a focus of our Online RN to BSN program not only to offer a top quality online program but to stand apart from the way most schools deliver their online courses. With highly interactive presentations – including extensive video, 3D graphics and interactive presentations, Galen has worked with experts in the field of online learning to custom-build our online classroom to ensure courses are engaging, fun, and meet the needs of many different learning styles.

That’s where Quality Matters comes in. Galen College of Nursing recognized the need to have a way to assure the quality of our Online RN to BSN courses and became a member of Quality Matters in April 2015.

Quality Matters, or QM, is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition. Made up of experienced faculty from other colleges and universities, and online education experts, a rubric was developed according to a set of professional standards that define what quality online education should look like.

Their review process is conducted by a team of certified Peer Reviewers utilizing the QM Rubric. After the initial review of a course is completed, a school has the opportunity to make improvements based on the feedback provided. A final review is completed and certification is granted or denied.

As of today, Galen is excited to have all of our Online RN to BSN courses Quality Matters certified.

But why should I care? What does it mean to me, the student, that your courses are QM certified?

The difference between a Quality Matters certified online course and any online course can be compared to the difference between a research article published in a well-respected, peer-reviewed national journal and an article published on a tabloid site on the internet. It’s the difference between a health recommendation made by the US surgeon general and health advice you may get from your Great Uncle. In both of these cases you can have complete confidence in the quality of advice from one of those sources!

“Certification from Quality Matters is a great example of our dedication to building high quality courses and our commitment to our students. Galen faculty, the instructional design team and the administration truly care about the student learning experience. We are consistently hearing from the Quality Matters review teams that our courses are highly engaging and well designed. We are proud of what we have accomplished and we are continually striving to improve how we deliver online education.” Steven Carniol, Director of Online Technology and Instructional Design.

So, if you come to Galen to pursue your Online RN to BSN, do so knowing that at Galen, quality truly does matter!