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Staff Spotlight – Christina Bollinger, Institutional Effectiveness Data Manager

It’s not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about going to nursing school, but Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is a key department in ensuring Galen helps our students become the best nurses possible. We took some time to sit down with Christina Bollinger, Institutional Effectiveness Data Manager at Galen and newly appointed VP of the Kentucky Association for Institutional Research (KAIR).

What is Institutional Effectiveness?

It’s an ongoing process of continually collecting, monitoring and analyzing data. A key function of IE is to work with the compliance department and keep a close watch on program outcomes to make sure we remain in line with all accreditation standards.  The IE team is also responsible for providing data for all regulatory reports.  And in higher education, there are a lot of required regulatory reports (as it should be)!

We work hand in hand not only with compliance to make sure Galen maintains stays accredited, but with academics to monitor outcomes to ensure academic excellence.

How does IE relate to what Galen College of Nursing does?

Everything the IE department does is data driven and focused on improving the college, from student success, student outcomes, program outcomes, all the way up through the faculty and administration, to the President.

Tell us about your role as VP of KAIR?

I’m very excited to have been named VP of KAIR. It’s a great honor and I’m still learning the expectations of this role. I will be serving a three year term, first as VP, then President, and finally one year on the board as Past President.

I will be responsible for organizing the annual conference which includes developing the conference theme, lining up sponsors and selecting the various presentations and speakers.

Other responsibilities include assisting with networking events and working with colleges on job listings. There are actually 41 institutions that belong to KAIR and so I’ll be working with them to post job openings.

What kind of background do you have?

I started working in a call center at Kentucky Higher Education and was intrigued by how things worked within the center and how they were pulling data and using it to improve processes and results.  I asked a lot of questions and was lucky that my manager was receptive to my inquiries about how to get more into that aspect of the job.  From there I took business management and programming classes and slowly started taking over responsibility for the call center reporting.

What brought you to Galen?

A friend told me about an opening here where I would be able to utilize my skill set and have room to grow.  The position was new so I was able to jump right in. My first project was to convert data from our old Student Information System. This proved to be a very time consuming yet rewarding process.  Once a new system was in place there were many requests for reports but as a two person team, time and resources were limited. The building of a more robust IE department has allowed my role to expand to allow for time to analyze data so it is more readily actionable.

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