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Top Traits of Superstar Nurses [Infographic]

Top Traits of Superstar Nurses

— Top Traits of Superstar Nurses —

It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a nurse. But Galen College’s nursing students and faculty tell us it’s all worth it. Nurses go the extra mile all the time, so how do you achieve superstar status? Check out these top 10 traits that superstar nurses possess — how many describe you?
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Compassionate. Patients expect nurses to be emotionally supportive while providing excellent clinical care so that they feel truly comfortable in your care.

Organized. Superstar nurses always have their ducks in a row — so patients get what they need, when they need it.

Master Communicator. Texting doesn’t count. Superstar nurses can communicate clearly and professionally with patients, families, physicians, and other nurses.

Critical Thinking. Nurses only have moments to assess a situation and decide a course of action. They must be ever-present, mindful, and sharp.

Linguistically Adept. Superstar nurses are pronunciation pros, unfazed by having to say things like choledocholithiasis, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, and idarucizumab.

Patience. It’s more than a virtue. It’s an absolute necessity when caring for people who are sick, in pain, uncomfortable, or distressed.

Pachydermatous (Thick Skin). Both to endure the occasional insults, and the constant use of hand sanitizer.

Proactive. Superstar nurses are able to anticipate needs and stay 2-3 steps ahead so that patient-centered care is achieved.

Superhuman Endurance. Superstar nurses must be able to avoid sitting down or using the bathroom for a looonnng time. Nurses must also lift equipment, patients, and people’s spirits.

Collaborative. Every patient needs prompt, precise care. Nurses need to work together, selflessly, in order to accomplish that.