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Web Developer Follows in Mother’s Footsteps to Become a Nurse

Olukemi Adentan

Even though Olukemi Adentan was a web developer and publisher for eight years, she still had dreams of pursuing a nursing career. Her mother, who is a retired nurse and nurse instructor, also encouraged  Adentan to become a nurse.

“Growing up, I went to school with my mother. She wanted me to be a nurse, but I didn’t pursue nursing at that time. I went on to get degrees in English and communications,” Adentan said. “But, over the years, I realized I had the qualities of a nurse, and so my mind kept going back to just wanting to be one.”

When Adentan decided to apply to a few nursing schools, she became discouraged from campus representatives who told her she would be placed on waiting lists and needed to complete several prerequisites. Coincidentally, Adentan was helping a friend move from Houston to San Antonio to attend Galen College of Nursing. Her advice inspired Adentan to enroll at the San Antonio campus.

Adentan was so determined to accomplish her longtime goals and follow in her mother’s footsteps that she traveled six hours round-trip from Houston to San Antonio campus every week for both her LVN and ADN degrees.

“I was a good student even though my classes were quite challenging,” she said. “I was coming to San Antonio on Sundays and returning on Fridays, and I did that for the three years. Even though it was a huge challenge, I was able to overcome it because I had great support at school.”

For the past five years, Adentan has been working at Cigna HealthSpring as a nurse case manager senior analyst.  She provides patients with medical information and healthcare needs.

“I follow them through the healthcare continuum in a transition of care. When patients are discharged from the hospital, I monitor them, ensuring they understand their discharge instructions, adhere to treatment and medication regimen,” she said. “I encourage patients to follow up with their primary care physicians and specialists. I make sure they have all the tools they need to become independent and healthier at home.”

The proud Galen graduate encourages current students to utilize the resources available to them to help them succeed.

“Many times, students might want to rely on themselves and study alone. But they really should utilize the tools and resources at school, including using the library and participating in study groups. They should also talk to their instructors regularly,” Adentan advised.  “Students should try to make themselves dynamic in such a way that they can work into other roles aside from bedside nursing. However, you can do all the bedside nursing you want, if that’s what you love. But the knowledge that you gain in nursing, especially at Galen, will allow you to get into even bigger roles.”

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