Simulation Labs

Our sim labs will allow you to train in real-world scenarios.

At the center of it all are fully computerized patient simulators that are lifelike mannequins that replicate real physiological responses, including:

  • Full-body articulation
  • Breathing and chest movement
  • Blinking eyes, reactive pupils
  • Vocalization, speech

In a SIM session, Galen faculty oversees activities from the control center, creating simulations for various medical settings and patient scenarios. One day students might train in a labor and delivery situation; the next day it might be an intensive care unit or ER. When a simulation is completed, faculty reviews the students’ performances and, using video recorded during the simulation, conduct a structured debriefing in a separate conference room. The Galen SIM centers are an invaluable resource for teaching and evaluating specific nursing skills, improving clinical judgment and increasing safety in practice.