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Sydni Boles


Sydni Boles is a CVICU RN at Florida Hospital in Tampa. She graduated from Galen in June 2018 with her Associate Degree in Nursing and is working towards earning her BSN, with her graduation in the Spring of 2019. In her job, she is training for her Critical Care Registered Nurse certification. She says, “I felt that Galen completely prepared me to take the NCLEX, and succeed in the nursing world, now as a critical care nurse. I am proud to say that I am a 2018 Galen Alumni!”

Ariel Burke


Ariel Burke joined PHDermatology as a Registered Nurse after graduating from Galen College of Nursing in St. Pete in 2016. She has since become a Certified CoolSculpting, MiraDry and Laser Hair Reduction specialist. Ariel loves working with the Mohs surgeons in Surgery as well as General Dermatology. Ariel has attended numerous clinics and seminars, allowing her to gain extensive knowledge in her field. Ariel has a passion for making a difference, not only in her patients’ appearance and inner confidence, but also for the close relationships and genuine trust she builds over time. It is Ariel’s promise to develop a personalized and customized treatment plan for each of her patients.
Robin Carpenter


Robin Carpenter is a recent graduate from the Spring 2018 class in the LPN to ADN program. She’s been working at MCR Health Services where she is an LPN charge nurse. Once she takes and passes the NCLEX, she’ll transition to an RN charge nurse. She describes her Galen experience: “I am a single mom who worked 2 jobs part of the time and was still able to complete the program. This is a hard program and there were times I thought I wasn’t going to get through it. But with the support of the instructors I had, especially the last two quarters, I was able to complete it. It’s a great school with awesome instructors and worth all the sweat and tears. Good luck to everyone! You can do it!!”
Mirta Hernandez


Mirta Hernandez is currently an LPN and is employed with Sarasota County Jail. She graduated from Galen in 2018 with her Practical Nursing degree and made the President’s list during the 3rd quarter of her PN program. She is currently in the LPN to ADN Bridge program. About her Galen experience, Mirta says, “I started Galen in March 2017 and didn’t know anything about nursing. My first clinical day I was so lost with abbreviations and conversations about careplans. I can now look back and see how much Galen taught me in my journey to success. I passed my NCLEX first try and understand so much more then I did when I first walked through the door. I would recommend Galen over any college any day.”
Makbule Kaygun


Makbule Kaygun graduated from Galen on June 18, 2018 from the LPN program. She works for the School District of Hillsborough County as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She is currently enrolled in the LPN to ADN Bridge program, and is excited to work towards becoming a Registered Nurse. She says, “Galen has taught me to not give up on myself, even on my hardest days. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel, and I encourage students to never give up on their dreams and trust that with their skills and Galen’s education, anything is possible. I am proud to be a nurse!”
Jasmine McElroy


Jasmine McElroy graduated from Galen with her Associate Degree in Nursing in 2016. She immediately started working just one short month after graduation in the Emergency Room of her favorite clinical site, Brandon Regional Hospital. She is currently still employed with them and loves the emergency room setting. Since graduation, she has also attained several certifications including TNCC, ENPC, PALS, CPI and STABLE. She says, “My Galen education has given me the foundation that I needed to be successful in the nursing field.”
Samantha Webb


Samantha Webb is a Nurse Technician at Tampa General Hospital where she serves as a Pool Technician and floats around to different units. Her dream job is to work on the Burn Unit and the Burn ICU. When she graduated from Galen’s PN program in March 2017, Samantha received the Good Samaritan Award for her class. She immediately started the LPN to RN program at Galen and will graduate in September 2018. She says, “I am beyond happy with my experience at Galen College. Nursing is rough, but you have so many resources to help you. I couldn’t have done this without my sister (Sarah) by my side. We did this together and now my sister and I are here, at the end, almost nurses! I believe in everyone here at Galen!”
Sarah Webb


Sarah Webb graduates from the LPN to RN program at Galen on September 18th, 2018. She will be working as an RN on Transplant at Tampa General Hospital, and she recently received her stroke certification. About her experience at Galen, Sarah says, “it’s been amazing. I started off in March 2017 in the PN program and went straight through to receive my RN in 2018. I plan on starting the BSN program in Ocober 2018. Galen definitely prepared me for my future.”
Courtney West


Courtney West graduated from Galen in 2013 and is a Birth Doula and business owner of Three Gems Doula Services. She also serves as a pediatric home health nurse for Preferred Touch Home Care.

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