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Nursing as a Second Career

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Have you ever thought about nursing as a second career? Although you may be in a different field, do your inner thoughts push you toward choosing a career making a difference in people’s lives? Do these thoughts remind you of your nursing dreams? Well, if nursing is calling you, maybe it’s time to listen. It’s never too late to become a nurse.

Your work experience can help you be a better nurse.

No matter what your previous career, the experience you’ve already gained in the workplace may help you succeed in nursing. In fact, second career nurses often do better in school than first career nurses. Having the skills of a seasoned worker is a huge asset. A solid foundation of communication skills, confidence and ability to handle workplace stress can give you a significant head start.

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If you want to be an amazing nurse even at age 40, it’s entirely possible with Galen. 
 -Kate Miller


Age can actually be an advantage.

Life experience is a big plus. Starting a career at an older age gives you room to apply life experiences to your work. You’ve had years to gain wisdom and a better understanding of what patients may be going through at different stages of their lives which can result in a better patient-caregiver connection.

Galen offers you the flexibility you need, with many different pathways to becoming a nurse.

At Galen College of Nursing, you can choose a path that best fits your needs to get into the rewarding field of nursing. And classes start 4 times a year so you can start when you are ready.

  • The most direct path is our 3-Year BSN and accelerated BSN program. If you can devote three years to getting your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, the preferred degree for employment at most hospitals, our three-year BSN program is for you. It allows you to achieve your goal in one, streamlined 36-month program. And, if you already have a degree or college credit, you could complete your BSN in as few as two years.
  • Our ADN Program can help you become a working nurse faster. If you’d rather not wait three years to start your nursing career, this path allows you to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing and start working as a Registered Nurse in as soon as 24 months by preparing you to sit for you NCLEX RN exam. After that, you can pursue your BSN online when you’re ready.
  • Need to start working, and earning, even sooner? Through our Practical Nursing Program, you can become an LPN and start working in just 12 months. Then, through our LPN-to-ADN Bridge Program, you’ll be ready to take your exam to become a Registered Nurse for more earning potential. Finally, when you’re ready, you can pursue your BSN online in our RN-to-BSN Online Program.

This is the perfect time to pursue nursing.

Nurses are in higher demand than ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a need for more than 1.2 million new and replacement registered nurses by 2020. So there are lots of opportunities out there for good nurses. They’re needed in many settings, including hospitals, doctors’ offices, long-term care facilities, schools, offices and more.

At Galen, your new career as a nurse may be closer than you think.

No matter what you are doing, you owe it to yourself to explore the possibilities of a fulfilling career as a nurse. With all the options and support available at Galen College of Nursing attaining your degree is right at your fingertips.

Visit us online, or give us a call at 877-223-7040. You may discover you were meant to be a nurse! 

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