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The Three Perks of Going Back to College Later in Life

The decision to go back to school can be a tough one to make, but there are actually perks for those taking a less-traditional route. In fact, sometimes the “later-in-life” student might have some advantages over more-traditional students.

You Are Better at Managing Your Time … and Your Sanity!

Many nontraditional students have moved out of Mom & Pop’s and have been busy supporting themselves, and possibly a family. Adding college into an already-demanding schedule can seem impossible, but you have experience juggling already, so figuring this out will be a little easier for you.

Be sure you communicate with your friends and family about what you will need help with, and let them help you. And remember that nursing school won’t last forever, so these adjustments will only be temporary. (And worth it!)

You Know What You Want

An adult entering (or re-entering) the collegiate realm better understands what you want for the future, having a past or present from which you want a change.

And you understand the importance of time management in a way that applies to the real world based on your own personal experience.

Better Coping Skills

It’s safe to say that if you’re returning to school as an adult, you’ve probably been managing your own life (and maybe even the lives of your children or family members) for a while now.

You understand that it’s important to look at the big picture and are willing to work hard to do whatever it takes to get the job done. One bad grade doesn’t mean you should hang it up and quit. You have the maturity to know that it just might mean you have to ramp it up and try harder or ask for help, and you also possess the confidence which will tell you that you will succeed if you consistently improve.

Take Action Today!

So, let’s get started! Schedule that information session or follow-up appointment you’ve been putting off today. You’ve spent a lot of time cultivating the awesome adult you’ve become, and you now have the skills needed to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Yes, it might be tough but anything worth it always is. You’ve got this.

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