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For existing Registered Nurses (RN) wanting to earn their BSN.

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  • Complete in 12 months (based on credit transfer) – or take more time if life demands
  • 8-Week Courses
  • Interactive content, 3D animation, and video presentations bring the material to life and facilitate learning
  • Accessible and engaged faculty who are experts in their field, and committed to their students
  • Mobile-friendly coursework so you can do a lot of your work anytime, anywhere

Free Course

Students who begin Galen’s online RN to BSN program will receive the Nursing Capstone course at no cost, reducing the total program tuition by $1,580! In order to qualify, students must be new to the program, and must enroll in and complete a minimum of one course per semester through graduation.

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Tuition for Core Nursing courses.  Technology fees not included in tuition.

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Online RN to BSN Transfer Credit

We’re happy to complete a no-obligation, preliminary transfer credit review with unofficial transcripts. Just call (844) 848-1515 and ask for a preliminary transfer credit review for the Online RN to BSN program.

The Institute of Medicine is calling for 80% of nurses to hold a BSN by 2020

One of the Most Unique and Engaging Programs in Existence Today

The Online RN to BSN curriculum was developed by Galen’s Academic team in partnership with industry experts to create interactive, engaging course material with extensive 3D graphics, video presentations and interactive scenarios.

The combination of teaching expertise and translation of theory to real-world application from industry recognized subject matter experts will help students prepare for their evolving role in healthcare.

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CCNE Accredited

The baccalaureate degree in nursing program at Galen College of Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001; 202-887-6791.

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Quality Matters Certified

All courses within the Online RN to BSN program are Quality Matters™ certified. This certification represents that these courses are of high quality, and reflects the College’s commitment to our students, all of which are part of Galen’s mission.

View Course Samples

LDR 4400: Lee Cockerell: Management vs. Leadership

Laura Lane
(part 1)

Laura Lane
(part 2)

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NSG 3200:

American flag -- graphic

CLD 2100: History of Immigration Timeline

Task Roles -- graphic

COM 2100: Group Communication Part II

Developing an EBP PICO Question logo

NSG 4000 – Developing an EBP PICO Question


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The Net Price Calculator is a guide to assist in the early stages of financial planning for college. It will provide a non-binding estimate of federal, state, and institutional aid eligibility based on federal methodology.

Please note this calculator is for estimate only and was created to help individuals gauge what kind of financial aid may be available to help cover the cost of college attendance. Actual award package will vary, depending on time of year, regulatory changes, and availability of funds.

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Financial Aid
Students at Galen College of Nursing may be eligible for a wide range of funding to help pay for nursing degree programs, including Title IV funding programs provided by the United States Department of Education. Additionally, some students may be eligible for nursing student loans and grants for nursing school.

As part of the enrollment process, each nursing student will receive the information necessary to process their nursing school financial aid application. This information will usually be delivered via email.

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“The quality of the Online RN to BSN program, cirriculum, and staff are excellent.”


Ashley Mannochio

“When I was ready to get my BSN, it was a no-brainer to return to Galen.”


Gregory Frodge

“The Online RN to BSN program is very accessible. They make it very easy, and even fun, to learn.”


Resources & Booklists

Student Catalog

Student catalog

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In the evaluation of transfer credit, Galen utilizes TES®, the Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource which is the premier interactive database of course data from institutions of higher education to track and display previously approved courses for transfer. The equivalencies shown are for information purposes only and are subject to change due to changes in curriculum. Galen does not transfer in developmental, pre-licensure, or nursing courses taken prior to achieving an RN license.

If you have college credit that you would like to compare to this listing, you can go here and follow instructions. If an equivalency is not listed, please contact one of our enrollment representatives at 844-848-1515. They’d be happy to take a look and work with you to submit your courses for a quick and easy evaluation.


Is this program available in my state?

Because distance education authorization requirements vary by state, the program may not be available in all states. In order to enroll and continue enrollment in the program, students in the Online RN to BSN program must remain a resident of a state in which Galen has all necessary approvals. Please contact our Admissions team for questions related to your specific state.

Are there any requirements to be on campus?

No, but you are welcome on campus any time you wish to use our resources in the pursuit of your nursing degree and of course, for graduation! Even testing is online, as well.

Are there any clinical requirements?

There is one practicum that will require on-ground work to complete your nursing degree program, but you can be set up for this coursework in the community where you live. It consists of 48 hours of planning and implementing a change project in a healthcare or community setting with your own preceptor.

Who finds the preceptor?

When the time comes, we will work with you to help identify the location in your community best suited for your needs, as well as the preceptor in that institution based on a professional project scope you will be required to develop with your faculty.

What kind of access will I have to my online faculty?

Our online faculty share the same commitment and dedication to student success as their on ground counterparts. Online nursing degree program faculty are required to respond to online education students’ requests within twenty-four (24) hours. While the online faculty is focused on academic questions raised by students, Galen maintains technical support twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, to ensure that students are able to log on and send messages to their instructors any time needed.

Are there any breaks between modules or semesters?

Yes, depending on timing and where it falls in a week, but could be between 2 – 5 days.

Is an RN license an admission requirement?

Galen students currently enrolled in the associate degree in nursing (ADN) program in the last term of coursework, or Galen ADN program graduates who have not yet attained registered nurse licensure, may be conditionally accepted and begin taking general education courses. Students will gain full acceptance and be able to enroll in nursing courses (NSG), upon obtaining RN licensure.

What are the computer requirements?

Will Galen accept any transfer credit?

Yes, transfer credit for RN to BSN students, including general education and nursing course credits, will be evaluated for transfer following the Transfer Credit Module in our transfer credit policy and is evaluated on an individual basis. Please refer to the full transfer credit section for details. A maximum of six (6) hours of core nursing credit may be transferred in from another approved BSN program given that 1) the hours are from equivalent courses and 2) the course was completed in the last five years and 3) the student earned a C or above in the course. Transfer credit will not be accepted for NUR 3050 or NUR 4850.

Can I apply for financial aid assistance if qualified?

Yes, but you are required to register for at least six (6) credit hours per semester to be eligible if qualified for Title IV loan programs.

Because distance education authorization requirements vary by state, the program may not be available in all states. In order to enroll and continue enrollment in the program, students in the Online RN to BSN program must remain a resident of a state in which Galen has all necessary approvals. Please contact our Admissions team for questions related to your specific state.

For complete information related to admission, progression, and graduation, please see the student catalog.

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